Michael On Fire – The Solstice Session / Tracks Along the Way



This is not a double album; it’s two separate albums in the same deluxe package. The first album, The Solstice Session, was recorded live in the studio in California, on the day and the night of the Solstice (and the next day too) with Michael On Fire, Jack Joshua, Bear Erickson, Bill Flores and Tompeet Frederiksen. The sound is beautiful; the mood through much of it is soft and kind of dreamy, though there is a good bit of groove and blues-rock thrown in. It has eight songs, including: River Blue (instrumental), Peaceful Place, No One to Kill, It Took a Lifetime, Goddess of Love, Call Off the Dogs, Evening in the Everglades, and Santa Ana. The second volume, Tracks Along the Way, is precisely that; tracks that have been recorded along the way, with different musicians in different locations, and included on previous Michael On Fire albums. Hear and feel the musical and spiritual contributions of the players from The Solstice Session, plus: Ced Curtis, Tobias, Stevie Ray Davis, Todd Glass, Jamie Ascenzo, David Reinstein, Tyson Leonard, Jack Dryden, and more; 13 songs: Get Out of the Way, I’ll Make You a Drum, Climb These Walls, Chief Redbird’s Violin, Warm Winds Blowing, The Lost Sea, Silence, Healing Waters, Before the Wind, Whatever Happened to America, Jubilation, La La La La La, and Strength Power Love.