Welcome to Year 14 of Tales from the Tavern

From the very get-go, Tales from the Tavern has been a venue with a point of view. Our focus has always been on a special class of musician; namely, the singer-songwriters, poets, philosophers and storytellers who are of the troubadour tradition; road warriors who make their way and their living traveling around playing original music, gathering all sorts of experiences in all sorts of situations. These are the ones we bring to Tales from the Tavern – to Share in a Journey of Discovery through Song and Story.


While we have stayed true to our original vision and criteria, we have also found ways to continue to stretch and change and evolve, to keep it fresh and vital. Sometimes we go with solo performers, other times with bands or groups of musicians. Sometimes we tend more towards the gentle side of acoustic music; other times we want it a little rougher around the edges. This season, we have all of that, and more, starting with the songwriters.


As a point of clarification, a lot of musicians write songs, certainly all the performers in this series do, but some people write songs naturally, and all the time; those are the ones we call the songwriters; like Chris Smither and Steve Poltz, and Glen Phillips and Dan Navarro. They are quintessential Tales from the Tavern artists.


Similarly, there are a lot of really great players, great accompanists, great collaborators, great interpreters of other peoples’ music, but some of them – like David Lindley, Danny Kortchmar and Steve Postell helped create much of the music we all know and love, and that so many bands and singers and other great players play, when they play.


And lest you think we’re saying you have to be one or the other, the songwriters in this particular series are all great musicians, and the great musicians all write songs.


And then there are the Quebe Sisters, whose vocal and instrumental performances pay homage to the music and the artists that inspired them the most. They did not write most of the songs they will play, nor are they on the original recordings, but when musicians such as Marty Stuart, Ricky Skaggs and Ray Benson all say – (essentially) these girls are the best, how can you resist?


So, we are super excited about this series, and we are humbled and grateful for your presence and participation, and your support and involvement – in Tales from the Tavern.