Thank you for a fantastic 2019 Concert Season. We got turned on by every single performer this year! Thank you – everyone who came out and was a part of it.. YOU MATTER.

Our next concert series, which begins our 18th Year of Tales from the Tavern, will start up in Feb. 2020. Stay Tuned…

It starts with a love of music,
an appreciation of words,
and passionate communication,
and creative expression,
and the experience of having been inspired,
of having felt the magic
that sometimes gets created in live performance,
in the place where artists and audiences come together.

It grows – out of and into a sense of purpose;
to advocate on behalf of art, and spirit,
and the inspirational quality,
and with that comes a pledge –
to place and re-place the emphasis on essence and content,
and to create opportunities and environments that are richly rewarding,

Through the power of community,
and the energy of trust,
and a belief in the work and the vision,
and with the strength of stamina,
and the force of fulfillment,
it continues to expand.

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